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Computer Repairs by Simplex Computers in Staplehurst

Computer problems? Don't panic! Simplex Computers in Staplehurst can help with computer repairs, laptop repairs and tablet repairs. We'll also provide IT support and simple solutions for all your computing needs going forward.
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Wish your computer, laptop or tablet would 'just work'?

Well, you've come to the right place. 

Here at Simplex Computers in Staplehurst, we can help with computer repairs, laptop repairs and tablet repairs - plus we offer simple solutions to ensure your digital devices run smarter in the future.

We offer help to individuals at home with their personal computers and provide IT support for small businesses too. 

We can assist with PCs, Apple computers and Android devices including desktops, laptops and tablets.

Our Work Ethos - It's all about You

Our ethos at Simplex Computers is to make things "as simple as possible for you (the customer), but no simpler".

In other words, we aim to alleviate your computer troubles and simplify the computing experience for you - but without taking away the essence of what it is you want to do with your computer.

We achieve this by fixing any problems, then minimising the number of computer elements that need to work together, in turn minimising the effort required on your part.

So you can sit back, relax and rest assured your computer woes will be taken care of - it's all part of the calm and friendly customer experience we offer.

Need help fixing your home computer?

We can fix your personal home computer by connecting to it remotely - or visit you at home for a face-to-face consultation
Help with Home Computers

Need help fixing your business computers?

We offer computer support for self-employed people and small businesses too - we can help to ensure your business runs smoothly
Help with Business Computers

Excellent value for money

We offer computer repairs for an affordable price:

Price List

 FREE initial assessment
ꔷ Phone & tablet screen repair → £30 + part
ꔷ Clean-up & tune-up → £35
ꔷ Malware removal → £30
ꔷ File recovery, e.g., photos → starts at £20
ꔷ Call-out & tutoring → £5 per 15 mins.
ꔷ Desktop component replacement:
 ∘ RAM, graphics cards, etc.£15 + part
 ∘ CPUs → £30 + part
 ∘ Motherboards, PSUs & cases → £40 + part
ꔷ Laptop component replacement:
 ∘ RAM, HDD, etc.usually £15 + part
 ∘ Screen, CPUs, etc.usually £40 + part
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"I have used Simplex Computers in the past and would highly recommend the company for its fast, efficient, cost-effective and friendly service. The company is my first port of call when I have any computer problems."
- Erika from Staplehurst

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Simplex Computers Computer Repairs and IT Support 
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